Unable to see all movies from my harddrive

i cant see the all movies from my harddrive connected to my router via usb cable. i have 55 movies in my folder of external harddrive but i am able to see only 30 of them.

Do you have collections turned on in Infuse settings?

yes. i turned it off and it is still same. :frowning:

How many “Other” files do you show? Are you looking in the Library under Movies or are you looking at the share you added?

i am checking both library and folder. under the shares, when i enter to the folder, my movies are missing. i did a reset to the router but no solution.

Wait a sec, are you looking at the “Recently Added Movies” List when you do the count? That only shows a max of 30.

no, it is all movies.

When you look in settings under library, how many “others” do you show?

Also, could you provide a sample of the file names of a couple of the movies that are not showing?

other : 0

for ex:

Okay, I better cover some of the basics to make sure we’re on the same page.

What version number of Infuse, what device is it on, and what OS is that device running? Also, are you using the free version of Infuse or do you have a paid subscription that is active?

infuse 7.2.1 pro on apple tv 4k latest one.

Are all 55 movies in the same folder?

yes, all are in the same folder. it was always updating until yesterday. i realized that even if i add new movies to the external drive folder, infuse is not updating them.

when i enter that folder, from “shares”, i cant even see there.

Will Infuse play one of the ones you can see?

yes, it can

When you use a PC (or Mac) to look at the directory on the router can you see all 55 of them?

Thought of another question, what protocol are you using for that share? SMB, DLNA, UpnP, FTP. etc?

now i downloaded infuse to my macbook, it has same issue.

smb in router

If you connect to the drive as a server with the macbook leaving Infuse out of it all together, do you see all movies?