Unable to scrape metadata for TV show?

The TV show in question. — 1964’s The Pink Panther has an entry over on TVDb but for some reason Infuse doesn’t seem to list this an option when I try to edit the metadata on the show.

Any ideas?

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First, Infuse uses TMDB for all metadata now so I think the show is here on TMDB.

How do you have your files named? Can you provide a screen cap of your file structure and file names for this series?

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Also, the items from 1964 listed on TheTVDB are actually a collection of short films, and these are listed as movies on TMDB and IMDb.




If you want to fetch info for these in Infuse you can rename them to match the movie naming style with the individual short film titles. If you want to see them all together under a single ‘Pink Panther’ item in the Library they can be grouped into a custom collection in Infuse.

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Saved me a bunch of typing.

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Thanks guys - I thought this was a TV show all along, rather than a collection of individual theatrically released shorts. Knowing that would’ve helped me from the start, so thanks for bringing that to my attention.

I’ve renamed my files, added them to my Library as Movies and created a custom collection, as suggested. Works perfectly. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


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