Unable to retrieve correct metadata from TMDB

When trying to assign the correct metadata for the following movie “Shadow”, the list does not contain an entry that I’m trying to assign when the entry clearly exists in TMDB:

The name of the media file is “Shadow.iso”.

Thank you.

Try “Shadow 2018.iso”.

Thank you NC_Bullseye. The actual title now shows up and i have selected it. Interestingly enough the description changed correctly but the images changed and belong to a different title - I guess you can’t have it all, lol.

Perhaps there is a further inconsistency in the TMDB database…

Can you provide a screen cap of the incorrect pic?

I don’t think she’s in the movie, lol…

I bet she wished! LOL

There are 3 movies titled Shadow in 2018 which is a little unusual so you’ll have to do an edit metadata on that movie and select the correct one. Once you do that is should pick up the correct artwork and you won’t have to do it again since Infuse keeps track of your corrections.

Also, today’s 7.6.6 update supports TMDB ID tags in the filename, so you can look at adding this to ensure an exact match.

Shadow {tmdb-463319}.iso

This gets the correct match and artwork straight away for me. :slight_smile:

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Thank you both so very much!

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