Unable to restore Pro subscription

I have an issue upgrading to Pro. I have a valid Infuse 7 Pro subscription, but under a different iCloud account that my main iCloud account. When the beta program ended and I installed the release version, I remember that when I pressed “Restore” a dialog box appeared that allowed me to type in the iCloud account to use for the restore. Unfortunately, at that time, I selected the wrong account and now when I press restore, nothing happens, i.e. the dialog no longer shows up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but even though preference files etc. were also removed, the dialog box no longer appears and I cannot restore the purchase.

What can I do to get the dialog box back? Is there any other workaround?

I did manage to get my subscription back by disconnecting from the AppStore and connecting with my other iCloud account. But I’m still curious as to why the restore dialog box would no longer appear.

You just have to connect to the Mac App Store, download Infuse and restore purchases with the same Apple ID/ account as you initially purchased it with.
You don’t have to change tout iCloud account.
iCloud account is relevant for syncing infuse configuration between devices though.

This is an apple thing. It only appears once if your loading an app that was originally installed under a different iCloud account. If you cancel out then you have to do what you did to fix it

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