Unable to restore pro sub


I have been trying to restore my Infuse Pro subscription via my AppleTV 4K, which shows as active in my iCloud subscriptions account until 9 Dec 2021. I have already contacted Firecore support who got back to me with some advice that did not work (sign out of App Store, delete app, sign in, reinstall, confirm active sub, etc). None of this worked - I replied to support with evidence of the active sub but I have not heard back from them. I have also tried restoring on my iPhone and have the same issue.

Can someone please look at this for me properly.


Just to add to this, I have spoken to Apple support who confirm the sub is active and there is nothing they can do beyond going back to the developers. I have a case Id which I can send to someone by PM if needed.

There are two different versions of Infuse on the app store, there is one that is called “Infuse 6” and the other is “Infuse Pro 6”

For subscriptions you want to make sure you download the “Infuse 6” NOT the Infuse Pro version.

Then when you go to manage subscriptions in the settings you should see a “Restore” button and that should bring back all of the pro features and should say Infuse Pro on the bottom left of the settings screen.

If you’ve already done it this way the other possible issue is that you may be on a different apple ID on the ATV than the one the subscription is for.

One last possibility that I know of is if you’ve moved to a location where you’d use a different country app store and I don’t think subscriptions transfer between them.

I apologize if you’ve already checked this but I don’t have a way of knowing what you’ve done so far.

Thanks for the quick reply.

  1. I confirm I have downloaded “Infuse 6” and not “Infuse 6 Pro”

  2. I confirm I am on the right Apple ID

  3. I have not moved.

So you’re getting the screen in the manage subscriptions that has the restore option? If so, when you click it what do you get?

Yes, when I click on restore the button changes to the spinning thing for a couple of seconds then bounces back to “restore”.

I also tried clicking on annual sub (which is what I currently have, at £5.99/pm which I signed up for several years ago) - it says I already have an active sub but then bounces me back to the same screen without restoring the pro sub.

On the home settings screen on the left side what does it say below the Infuse logo?

Not sure what you mean by the left side? On the appletv, when I go into the settings page in Infuse, it just says “upgrade to Infuse PRO” with the 3 options for monthly, yearly and lifetime and then restore. Under those are the various features of the pro sub, and below that it says the "your subscription includes a free trial …’ text

On the main settings page it doesn’t say anything under the Infuse graphic

Okay, I was hoping that it was taking the restore and just not showing it but if it doesn’t say Infuse Pro under the graphic then it still the free trial version.

I really am sorry but I don’t have any other thoughts on this right now but James does check in on the forum often during the weekend so he may see this soon. I know it can be frustrating but hang in there, he’ll probably be able to figure out what’s going on pretty quick.

I do know that the developer doesn’t have any way to see your apple account so he may have to ask some duplicate questions when he’s trying to answer.

Just in case, don’t forget it is a weekend and he may have picked the lock on his leg irons chaining him to the forum and then made an escape to reintroduce himself to his family for the weekend. :wink:

No worries, appreciate your help. It is frustrating but I’m hopeful it can be sorted out - I see there have been similar reports in the last month or so. cheers.

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Yup, the app store has been grumpy with a few users lately. Guess that’s technology advancing us to the stone age. Cheers.

I would recommend updating to iOS/tvOS 14.5 today and see if that helps your situation.

Apple has quite a few changes in this build, so it may work better with the App Store receipt validation process.

I have just tried that on two devices - still no luck. Apple have been unable to help either - what do I do now?

Should I just give up on infuse pro at this point?

I’m really disappointed to say that the only way I was able to resolve this was by switching from my existing pro sub of 5.99 per year to a new one of 8.99 per year. Only after doing this was I able to enable the pro sub. This concerns me as it effectively allows the devs to lock you out of an “old” sub with a fixed price, despite it being one of their selling points for long term users. This was not even communicated to me by support, who never got back to me. It’s a shame there are no alternatives to this software.

I’m sorry for the trouble, this is definitely not something done intentionally.

When we’ve seen issues like this come up in the past, it’s usually related to some strange combination of App Store issues. Unfortunately, the App Store operates sort of like a black box and developers don’t have much insight in to what’s going on behind the scenes.

  • Have you ever used multiple Apple IDs on this device?
  • Have you ever switched App Store countries on this device?
  • Are you using Family Sharing?

What happens when downloading (or updating) an app is the App Store stores a receipt on your device. It’s this receipt which is used to validate against App Store transactions. For example, if you had purchased a subscription on account ABC, but then logged into account XYZ and downloaded an update for Infuse the receipt would be tied to XYZ and may cause issues with activation as the IDs on the receipts do not match.

The Apple TV has only ever used my primary account. I have family sharing enabled for infuse but I haven’t purchased any subscriptions on any other accounts.

Your own blog states this:

“An Infuse Pro subscription can be started from within the free Infuse 6 app. Starting an Infuse Pro subscription today guarantees you the best possible price for all future renewals (the price you subscribe at will never increase).”

Quite clearly untrue. I now have no way of reverting to my previous subscription price despite having done nothing to make this happen. It’s not even about the extra £3. It is the fact that you have not upheld your side of the deal.

What is to stop you increasing the price to 9.99 next month and for me to be unable to use my subscription yet again?

This might be Apple protecting you from subscription price rises.

I had an annual subscription to an Australian weather app which removed annoying ads for 99c per year. The developer (a big corporate rather than an indie) hiked that to $5 per year, presumably thinking they’d get away with it silently; instead, Apple sent out emails to subscribers alerting them to the price rise. I wonder if now, they just cancel the subscription if the price rises until the user manually intervenes.

FWIW, £5.99 sounds like it was a bit of a bargain - it’s $14.49 here in Australia and has been for the past three years I’ve subscribed (and it’s been worth every cent!!) Perhaps it’s a case of a really old subscription price being retired, requiring user intervention to confirm the new price?

If that is the case then I would expect Firecore support at the very least to tell me that. I agree that the old price was low, but the point is not about the cost. It is about the lack of transparency, particularly given the quote above from the blog which “guarantees” a locked in price. It just demonstrates that as end users the dev can still hold us hostage by disabling subscriptions at prices that are “too low”.