Unable to remove jailbreak - help please!

Hi all, due to the issues with Airplay and IOS9, I unfortunately have to remove the jailbreak from my ATV2. I’ve tried so restore from the ATV GUI menu as well as from the Itunes with microUSB cable and get a “Apple TV update could not be downloaded at this time”.

Any ideas of how to be able to restore it to factory settings??


Go to http://www.ipswdownloader.com/download-apple-tv-ipsw-files.php
Download latest firmware for ATV2
Put ATV into DFU mode
Open iTunes
iTunes will see it in recovery mode and ask you to update
Press SHIFT (or CTRL, I can’t remember) and click RESTORE
You will be prompted to select the firmware from your computer
Select it and let iTunes update.

Thanks, but I can’t see a link for ATV2 firmware on this link, just ATV3?

Ah, sorry - just found it. I’ll try it, thanks…

Your suggestion worked, BCarpenter940! Thanks…