3.5.4 sucks. You can’t even get the video to display properly. I still have the 3.5.1 installer, but I’m told that since it’s not the latest version, I can’t create the flash drive. WHAT THE FSCK. Fix this.

Unfortunately you can’t run the older version when a new one comes out. This is done, as far as I know, for piracy reasons. This way older versions that are leaked on the web can’t be used. I know this is a pain in the butt for those who legally use it, like most of us, but it has to be done.

Give it a week or so bound for a new release… this is why you don’t download the latest until it is stable wait to see how the reviews are. I ahven’t updated mine in about 4 months… because i am happy with te way it is running …ofcourse i should update nito tv and such but still running like a champ why change it