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Since tonight, Paris time, I can no longer play a file, I rebooted my Apple TV 4K & my NS I went from an error message without details to the wheel.

Any ideas?
Thank you

Did you by chance update to tvOS 15.1 before the trouble started?

Yes, this is the case

Just a suggestion, I’d double check to make sure the network reconnected to the right band if its on WiFi. I had one go to the 2.4G band on restart and it monkeyed things up till I switched it back to the 5G that the server was on.

I’m connected via Ethernet

No other ideas? Could it be related to the 15.1 update?

With the reboots on both ends is it possible that the IP address changed for the server? That would be an issue if you were specifying a numerical address instead of a name.

If you go to the Infuse settings where it shows available servers does it by any chance show you server and being available again?

If you’re able to send in a quick note from your device we can take a deeper look into what is going on here.


@NC_Bullseye, the IP address is a fixed one. So, I tried to uninstall & install Infuse and then wait for the iCloud backup to be restored. Problem, Infuse was not able to scan my NAS so I deleted the shared and now it’s working.

@james, I already sent an support request (#139530), the code was : XPM21.


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It looks like Infuse is unable to access the share using the connection details entered in Infuse.

This can be due to a number of factors, including

  1. Can you check to ensure the share name has not changed (PM sent with the current share name)
  2. Try using Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet, to see if that makes a difference


Yesterday I wasn’t able to watch a TV show on my Apple TV, I had to reboot both NAS & Apple TV. Right know it’s again impossible.

Any idea? Thanks!

What are you seeing? Blank screen, error message, no video at all, etc?

A sprocket wheel

Edit: There has been no update to the NAS and I can access the files via an application like VLC.

And the menu button doesn’t bring the pre playback screen back?

I reboot my NAS, I can’t test, but from memory yes I come back to the previous screen.

Well if it happens again and you get the spinning wheel, before you restart either the ATV or the NAS you may want to go back to the Infuse settings and send a diagnostics report and post the 5 digit code here. That may give the devs a clue as to what caused it.

I’ve already did but still, no answer

Did you post the code in another thread?

No, I send a mail ~8-9h ago

Then posting the 5 digit code here will tie this thread to your report.

Not required but it does help to associate the two.