Unable to read video file

Hi guys,

I recorded a video from a live stream, using cocoCut addon for Chrome.

The video file is 2 Gb for 3 hours of video.
Bitrate video: 2 Mb/s
25 fps

Codec: H264 - MPEG4 AVC (part10)(avc1)
Audio: MPEG AAC ( mp4a)

I can’t read this video with Infuse ( last version ) on my ATV4K. No error, but it just “loading” for eternity.

Any idea why?

Thank you

( PS: I can send you the file if needed )

Maybe run it through mediainfo and post the report here to start?

Does it play with other video players?

Hey NC !
Here is the mediainfo report: open

And yes, the video is fine on VLC on my pc.

Thank you

If you can upload the file that would be great!


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Hi james! Done :slight_smile:
Let me know if you find something

Any news?

Thanks for the sample!

This is being looked into.

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Any leads about this messy file ? :stuck_out_tongue: