Unable to reach Nas

Good Morning,

I have this problem. With infuse4 pro on iPad 2 and iPhone 4s I am able to see and stream content from two nas wd my cloud I have on the Lan. But the app on apple tv 4 can’t. I can airplay from iPad and iPhone but I bought the apple tv 4 because of the infuse app should stream directly, isn’t it? And when airplay from iPad I am in the same room and on the same wi-fi of apple tv!

Thank you everybody can helps me!


Troubleshooting question. I have a WD Mycloud and it works fine on ATV Infuse. Are you saying that Infuse for ATV does not detect/see your NAS devices at all? When you go to the add shares page are they just not appearing? Or that you have added the shares, picked favorites and it will not play the files? When I first set up it did not see my shares either. I just added them manually. Either use the IP or the “nameofyourdevice.local” path. That worked for me. Just a note, if you do it manually I find it best to use the .local vs the IP as sometimes even a DHCP reservation in my router doesn’t work and the ip can get reassigned after a power outtage.

One thing we’ve seen here is that if a dual band router is in use, the NAS may appear on one band but not the other. This applies not only to the Apple TV, but to a Mac as well.

Switching the network the Apple TV is connected to may be worth a try.

Already tried, did not work anyway…
Infuse cannot detect the nas…

Exactly, Infuse for atv does not find / detects the nas… I am a litttle confused becouse on the IOS apps I have no problem, on the same network! And on atv I cant see the path, I can see just time capsule, Imac , andthe IOS devices, of course. All this using SMB. Sorry for my english, but I am foreigner and living in Africa!

Ok. Then try what I did and enter manually. Choose “other”, SMB protocol. Then enter the IP address of your device. Or (preferred) the name of the NAS on your netwpork ie “MyCloud.local” then enter name and pass as usual. Save, Does it connect?

Thank you, I tried and now infuse can connect with the three main folder. Then, trying to open anyone it says that an error has occurred and cannot open the folder.

Thank you anyway!

Strange. I assume you have read/write permissions for all of your shares if you are able to access them through Infuse for iOS on iPad etc… Try deleting the app, reboot the Apple TV and do a fresh install of Infuse. Worth a try.

Tried. Not working anyway. Next days I have to change some Lan settings and connection, then I will retry. Let you know, thank’s