Unable to quit from DVD

Just come across what looks like a bug in Media Player possibly intriduced by the change to using the Menu key to get back to the DVD menu? I have a DVD that starts playing  the film as soon as you select it WITHOUT givibg a DVD Menu.    If I start playing this DVD it starts playing just fine.     However if I press the Menu key that on other DVD’s would take me back to the menu, on this one (I presume because there is no DVD Menu) it simply takes me back to the start and begins playing the main film again.   There does not (that I have found) to be a way in which I can get to a point in which I can tidioly exit this film.    The only way out that I found was to reboot the ATV2.

Perhaps a check needs to be added to the Media Player so that if there is no DVD menu to go to, then pressing Menu while in a film simply abandons playing the film and exits back to the media Player menu?   This is akin to the behavior one gets if pressing Menu when playing an AVI or MKV file.

Hmm interesting. Do you have more than one DVD that does not have menus you can test?

It would be helpful to know if it’s an issue caused by the lack of menus, or a specific DVD title.

I have several home produced DVD’s that dp not have a menu and they all exhibit this symptom. I COULD play and quit the same DVDs on an earlier Media Player release where Menu key exited playing a DVD.  That is why I suspect the issue is related to the change where the Menu key now returns to the DVD menu.