Unable to play video on 4G

I have a 30mbps 4G connection, when I play a 7,8 mbps movie the playback start but stops a few seconds later.
I have this problem with every video file over 5mbps bitrate store on my plex server

What device and what version number of Infuse are you using?

Also, have you done a speed test in Infuse on one of the videos that are giving you the problems and let the test complete? Could you post the results and a screen cap of the graph?

Just in case you didn’t find it. :wink:

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Thank a lot for the reply! Turns out that my connection is not fast enough, plex and infuse documentation are very helpful ! I have to re encode my media to a lower bitrate, sorry for disturbing :sweat_smile:

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You’re not disturbing a thing! That’s what the forum is for. :wink: Glad you figured out what will work for you. :+1:

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