Unable to play most mp3's with newest beta

I have beta5 installed, and have set up my SMB share from a ReadyNas DUO NAS, with login and password.  I am able to browse the folder structure, and photos and videos seem to play back fine.  However most of my mp3’s do not show up in their folders.  There are a few random ones that I am able to ‘see’ and playback normally.  But about 90% of my mp3 folders show up empty (folders arranged by artist).  Any ideas? 

Hi Milton - I upgraded today to B5…  did you just go into media and add the share? Does the thing browse the network and find the share for you, or did you add it - the only option I can find is to add an adp share, which I think is just the apple sharing thing, not windows… 

OH - never mind - didn’t realize I had to also update the individual applications after the update was done - all OK.

I’ve got the same issue. When I browse a folder with mp3s in it it says no media. I know the SMB share is working because I have movies on the same share and they work.

I’ve tested with an AFP share from the same NAS, same result.  Can’t seem to figure out what allows a few to show, and the majority to not.  Also tried both with guest and full access name and password accounts.

Similar problem for me, folder structure is media/videos which work fine & media/music which i can browse but find no content.

I have setup SMB shares on both Windows and LInux machines.  I have to say that the latest media player does not do very well.  Almost no MP3s show up when I navigate to a folder.  Under Windows 7, the only mp3 files that I can view and play from media player, so far, are a few files that were installed along with Windows.  The really weird thing is that if I add additional mp3 files to the same folder with the these “good” mp3s, they will no long show up.  Nothing in the directory will show up.  If I remove the files I just added to the dir, the original ones show up again and are playable.  The ONLY audio files that seem to work reasonably consistently for me are .ogg files.

I also made sure that my mp3s are not DRM’d thinking that this may be the problem.

having exactly the same pbm mentioned as above.

The release notes for beta 6 said that mp3 support was not yet there, and it was coming in a future update.