Unable to play .mkv files...

Hi, I have several MKV files (H.264 720p), the frame-rate is terrible with no audio everytime I try to play these files on my ATV. Sometimes it even crashes my ATV and I have to power down. I’ve installed mplayer, perian codecs. To be honest the files will not play 100% perfect even on my iMac (Intel core 2 duo 2.16 Ghz 2Gb RAM) They stutter a bit at the beginning but then play fine.

Is there anyone out there that can help :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


Play them in XBMC.
Most of the MKV plays very well in there.
A TV Show that weights 1.1Gig plays nicely in XBMC.

If you have not already installed it, you must install it first.
Instructions to how to install it can be found in this forum.

OK thanks I’ll read up and give it a try :slight_smile:

This is because apple tv processor can’t handle the bit-rate of that mkv file. just as your Mac is having trouble playing it the apple tv is only rated at 1 GHZ. Try converting them to mp4 or m4v at a little lower quality or bit-rate. Its been known for apple tv to plays 5 kpbs but it is going to stutter once every so often, try going less than 4 if possible you will lose some quality but not enough to matter.


Regarding this issue… I also cannot play mkv HD movies on my cracked ATV… files are standard 1Gb TVshows episodes around 5Mbits/sec.
With Nito I can hear and see like 2fps… with shappire (which is the only I use because the classification) in the best case just the sound and 1 frame per second or less, in the worst case ATV reboots.

I have tried changing the mplayer options (mplayer, qt, mixed) and where it bes works is in mixed.

I will try with XBMC, but it’s really a pain to have to choose a diferent player for diferent filetypes… it’s nice to have all from the clear Shappire sorting

This happens since the last 4 or 5 revisions… with the older versions (I think previous to version 3) 720p mkv files was fine (currently those also are not working)

Any idea to solve this?