Unable to play mkv files iOS 13.4.1, Infuse Pro 6.4.1 (3062), WebDAV

I am unable to play any mkv files in Infuse Pro 6.4.1 on my iPhone (11 Pro Max, iOS 13.4.1) connecting via WebDAV (HTTPS). I am able to play mp4, avi and m4v with no issues on this connection. Anytime I try to play an mkv over WebDAV, I receive an error: “An error occurred loading this content.”.
I am able to play all mkv files connecting with SMB, so I know the files are good.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, recreated the connection, no luck. Is this a known issue?

I receive the same behavior when attempting to download files to the device. MKV files present the error message above, while the playable formats are downloaded without error.

Just to double check, are you running Infuse 6 Pro with a subscription, Infuse 6 Pro stand alone, or Infuse 6 free version?

I have tried in both Infuse 6 Pro with yearly subscription, and the Infuse 6 Pro standalone app.
I get the same behavior in both.

So you have paid for a subscription and paid for the stand alone?

If so you really don’t need to pay for both since they are about identical.

Right, I found that out the hard way. I purchased the standalone after I was having issues with the pro sub thinking it was related.

So what is the difference between the sub and standalone pro versions? You stated they are ‘about identical’. Can you elaborate?

As far as I know the only difference is how you do “Family Sharing”

I wanted to make sure you weren’t running the free version which does have many limitations on what it can play.

As long as you’ve tried it on both of the Pro versions that shouldn’t be the issue.

I am not attempting to be impolite Bullseye, but the pro version was clearly stated in the post title and content, how does this further the discussion to a resolution?

Per my last post.

You’d be surprised how may people do not notice that they have to have a subscription for full features (Pro) on the free version or how many let their subscription lapse and don’t realize it until they can’t play files they were able to play before.

I know you’re not trying to be impolite, it’s just a process of elimination of past problems I’ve seen. Not knowing your specific set up I just have to muddle through eliminating things. Communicating in text ain’t easy sometimes. :smile:

I have no experience with WebDAV but from digging around on Google I’ve seen a few references to WebDAV servers not recognizing certain file types like flac and mkv specifically. Did you by any change have a recent update to your WebDAV server that may have turned off the MIME setting for mkv? Just trying to help till someone who runs WebDAV stops by. :wink:


Now, how could it possibly be that simple? You are my absolute hero. I failed to look into mime types and adding .mkv as video/webm took care of that immediately. I scoured the webs looking for webdav setup related to Infuse and mkv and came up empty. Should have expanded that to just mkv playback over webdav but could not see the forest for the trees.

Thank you NC_Bullseye for your assistance.

Now I just need to see about a refund on the standalone since I already have the pro sub, LOL!

You’re quite welcome.

Who says ya can’t fix a Rolex with a Ball Peen Hammer? :smile:

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If it’s real recent Apple is usually pretty good with that. Their the only ones that can do a refund though.

Good luck!

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