Unable to play media on infuse pro 7 on apple tv 4k 3rd gen


I am trying to setup my apple tv 4k 3rd gen to play media from my Synology 211 NAS.

I had setup in my NAS the SMB and UPNP protocols and set up on my iPhone the favorite folders. I can see these folders on my apple tv 4k infuse app but nothing plays, there’s always an error when trying to play.

I am able to play movies on infuse on my mac and my on my iPhone without any problems, but for some reason can’t get anything to play on the apple tv. I can see the folders and if I start a movie on another device, I can see it is started and try to resume on my apple tv, but never plays. There is always an error.

I downloaded VLC to try it out and have the same problems. Can play movies on my mac and iPhone, but not on the apple tv.

Not sure what am I missing.

You’ll want to not use UPnP, that disables many of the great features of Infuse. You’ll have a better experience with SMB or FTP.

You can follow the users guide here.

I have done everything to my understanding in that how-to.

My issue is that i’m unable to play any media in the apple tv infuse app. I can play media using infuse app on my macbook and iPhone.

What protocol are you using UPnP or SMB on the Apple tv?

I’m using SMB

Just to double check, you are using the same Apple ID on all devices and that ID is the Primary on the ATV correct?

Also, do you have iCloud sync turned on in all copies of Infuse?

Yes, same apple ID on all devices and iCloud sync is turned on, in all of them.

As long as the Apple ID on the ATV is the primary one I’d suggest the nuclear option. :wink:

First, delete the app (not offload, delete) from the ATV.

Download it again from the app store.

Launch the app but DON’T do any set up instead, just click on the settings and go to the Library Settings page. It should start showing a message like syncing with iCloud ( I don’t recall the exact wording or message) and you should be getting the spinning gear showing activity.

Let it sit and you should see the Library start to increase. It may take a bit depending on the size of your library.

You may have to keep it awake or you can go to the sleep settings and set to never and let it roll.

This should load the working settings from your other devices for the server and user info.

Will try this, will report later. Thanks!

Deleted completely the app from the AT, restarted it (just in case) and installed infuse again on the apple tv.

Once I opened the app, it had the shared folders and recent movies played, like in the other devices I use (iPhone and Macbook)… but can’t play anything yet. Sync process seemed way to fast, takes around a minute or so and I have around 2.5 Teras of media content in my NAS.

I noticed in the AT Infuse app in settings>Library, it says, indexing failed for :“NAS IP ADDRESS”

In my iPhone indexing works and see how many movies, episodes and others I have.

Still in square one.

This sounds like you offloaded the app and not deleted it. Do you have offloading turned on in the ATV settings?

When you delete Infuse and start the newly downloaded copy it should go straight to a prompt screen asking you to add a share when you first launch it after deleting everything. That’s when you should be able to go to the library settings and watch the messages as it restores things from icloud.

Offloading unused apps is off, never has been on.

I had deleted Infuse completely. When I deleted, it asked me if I wanted to keep my subscription or pause. I am on trial for infuse pro.

But went ahead and deleted it again and checked in General>Storage and Infuse does not appear in app list there.

Downloaded Infuse again and when prompted to add media, went instead to Settings>Library and started synching. Stopped at around 30sec and message appeared on the bottom left"Indexing failed for ."

When I go back to Infuse home screen, I can see the shared folders and movies I started to see on other devices for testing. But nothing plays. “An error occurred. Sorry, Infuse encountered a problem while trying to connect”

Back to square one.

(FYI, I appreciate the time and help on this)

Can you check to confirm the IP address of the saved share in Infuse is still correct?

Sometimes the IP address of a source device can change, and if you are using a fixed IP to connect in Infuse then it may be trying to connect at the old address - which is no longer valid.