Unable to Play .AVI Movies

I recently installed aTV Flash on my Apple TV 160 gig. All went well, except that I have not been able to play any of my .AVI movies. A message comes up stating that this format is not supported. Here an example of the stats on theses files:

Apple OpenDML JPEG, 640 x 480, Millions
16-bit Integer (Little Endian), Stereo, 44.100 kHz

Data Rate: 16.26 Mbit/s
FPS: 30
Data Size: 42.2 MB

Any help would be appreciated, since this is the reason I purchased aTV Flash.


The same thing happens to me…I can play the movie with XBMC.all be it choppy-trying to see if someone knows how to fix that…but so far no luck…I am wondering what I could be doing wrong…XBMC is playing the avi files but it is choppy and have had no luck with nitotv…very frusterating

I was hoping to resolve this issue before the 15 return arrives, but no one has posted a solution, nor have my emails to tech support been responded to. Losing hope quickly …

I’m not an expert in this at all, but AVI is just a container, and the file within can be encoded with all sorts of different algorithms. In other words, not all AVIs are the same. Some AVI work fine on my appleTV (like the AVIs of LOST that I downloaded). Others do not (like the AVI of videos taken by my old camera).

One thing that I have tried with limited success, is changing the way that aTVFlash plays video files. YOu can force it to use mplayer or Quicktime. If you use mplayer, you can add command line arguments. I have no idea what different arguments you might use, but it’s a start right? Good luck!

Thanks for the input. I was finally contacted by tech support, and they noted that the bit rate of my .AVI file was above the acceptable bit rate of the Apple TV - 5 Mbps. This is unfortunately true, and not the fault of aTV Flash.

Hopefully, some day, Apple will put out a version of the Apple TV that plays higher quality video in various formats.

hello bjast,
for that reason I also bought ATVFlash, and I’m using the 160GB version 3.0.2 After the installation everything went smooth and okay!
I have quite a few .AVI files on my OSX server and I used the SMB connection to connect (NO LUCK) so I did the AFP connection and without problems the .AVI files are played with nitroTV and Sahipre. but with this connection you have to be patient with displaying the information (using CAT6 gigabit network, or wireless N do not make much different with appleTV)
SO either on the box itself and using network connections the .AVI files are played without problems.

Thanks for the input.

Are any of your .AVI movies above the acceptable bit rate of the Apple TV - 5 Mbps?