Unable to obtain metadata for Blu-ray series

I have some Blu-ray TV dramas and documentaries, which are stored in the form of bdmv folders. Surprisingly, infuse cannot get metadata

You’ll have to provide a bit more info for us to help.

Name of series, how you have the files named, etc.

here are some information

this is folder name

Maybe try changing the title to “Cosmos 2014”.

The “A Spacetime Odyssey” part only applies to the first season, and isn’t officially (per TMDB) part of the series title.

Other than that, I don’t use that file format so can’t help specifically with how to get it recognized as a TV series if there aren’t individual episodes that can be named with the “Cosmos 2014 S01E01”, “ Cosmos 2014 S01E02” scheme.

i can understand that.But this is the standard Blu-ray layout, and I’m sure many users have such files. If infuse can recognize Blu-ray movies, why not Blu-ray episodes? It’s not possible to pay so much money every year and not be able to do this basic skill well, is it?

I’m not saying they can’t. I’m just telling you the series name is incorrect, per TMDB. Did you try changing it and see what happens?

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I tried the solution that was just offered to me, and infuse still couldn’t match the metadata and properly synthesize 4 discs into a season. It’s normal for a Blu-ray series to be divided into multiple discs, and infuse’s inability to recognize Blu-ray episodes, especially multi-disc Blu-ray episodes, is unacceptable.

By reading bdmv files, most players can read and play Blu-ray episodes correctly, and I’m sure infuse won’t be a problem either,And I should reiterate that infuse’s poor show recognition is well known, and you have to figure out how to improve it, or the hefty annual subscription fees will only deter people

First, I’m not Firecore / Infuse. I’m just a user with too much free time trying to help other users. Maybe someone with specific experience with BDMV can offer suggestions.

Second, to me the yearly fees are shockingly low … but I suppose it all matters what sort of utility it provides you.

The way you posted images of your folders I can’t tell which folder is inside or outside any of the others. I found this:

"Normally, you would have a folder with the movie name and inside that would be the BDMV folder.


Jurassic Park (folder)
Jurassic Park/BDMV

Infuse would then recognize the Jurassic Park folder as a playable item."

Perhaps you’d want to try:
Cosmos 2014/Season 1/BDMV (?)

no,the whole season was been divided into 4 disc,each folder are a standalone bluray folder in bdmv,each of them have its profile,so i can not put those 4 disc together to a general seaon 1 folder.

Have you tried:
Cosmos 2014/Season 1/Disc 1/BDMV
Cosmos 2014/Season 1/Disc 2/BDMV
Cosmos 2014/Season 1/Disc 3/BDMV
Cosmos 2014/Season 1/Disc 4/BDMV

i tried,but it dont works,It seems that infuse, when it detects a Blu-ray structure, it will thinks it’s a movie, and I can’t find the metadata for it

not works

Unfortunately, fetching metadata for multiple episodes contained in a single file is not supported at this time.

This is on our radar to look into, and you can follow this thread for updates.

Is this a BDMV specific thing? Because I have still have a few bunches of episodes I haven’t split and they are all indexed (albeit only recognizing the first episode in the batch).


Red Dwarf (1988) - S08E01E02E03 · Back in the Red · Parts 1-3 (1999)
Servant of the People (2015) - S01E01E02 · Episodes 1 & 2 (2015)

Theses both scrape (as the respective series’ and seasons’ episode 1) and appear in my library.

Likewise, these files scrape and appear in my library as episodes 7, 15, 2, and 12 respectively:

Babylon 5 (1994) - S00E07E08 · Voices in the Dark (Lost Tales) (2007)
Star Trek · Voyager (1995) - S05E15E16 · Dark Frontier (1999)
The Wire HBO (2002) - S00E02E03E04 · Prequels
Weeds (2005) - S08E12E13 · It's Time (2012)

Is it not possible to label each disc’s BDMV containing several episodes of the TV Program in similar style, so that they at least show up in the library?


"Cosmos 2014 S01E01E02E03/BDMV"     (or just "Cosmos 2014 S01E1/BDMV")
"Cosmos 2014 S01E04E05E06/BDMV"     (or just "Cosmos 2014 S01E4/BDMV")
"Cosmos 2014 S01E07E08E09/BDMV"     etc.
"Cosmos 2014 S01E10E11E12E13/BDMV"