Unable to navigate seasons from Continue Watching items (Direct Mode)

AppleTV running the latest with Plex set up with direct mode.

If you select an episode from the Watching/Up Next in the top row, the pre-play screen doesn’t allow you to change seasons, only episodes.

If you select the same episode from anywhere else, such as Recently Added TV, there is a season selector just below the fold above the episodes.

Unclear if it’s a bug or a feature, but it would be nice to have season selection in all pre-play screens.



This bugs the heck out of me too, it never used to be like that, but for some reason they introduced a single season view and you have to back all the way out and drill down in to TV shows to get to the other seasons. There is a thread somewhere, and it’s being classed as a new feature, when in actual fact it used to work like that then they changed it. Been on the list about 2 years be nice to get an update on it from @james

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There is a navigation path that is missing in Infuse on the Apple TV but was added to Plex. This path is useful. Essentially, I want to be able to click something that is partly watched and instead of resume it, be able to jump to another season (and thus another episode) of that series. Oddly enough the Infuse macos app seem to already allow this.

This sounds like an odd use case, but it is very useful to immediately get to different episode of a series I am currently watching.


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And as I found out today, in Direct Mode when you finish a series, it firstly doesn’t auto step on to Episode one of the next series, it simply stops playing, then when you return to the main screen it has also removed it from the watching list. Your only way to continue watching the next series is to drill down through all TV shows, find the show then go to the next season and start watching the first episode. This is a really poor user experience.

Note this issue is tagged as in progress so it’s being worked on.

I’m hoping they also fix the missing Season selector in the Library mode as that has been broken for quite some time.

The issue with missing season selector for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex Continue Watching items has been fixed in today’s 7.7.5 update. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

But still not for Infuse-only users??

yup, i just tested it, this does not fix Season selector for Up Next List items for us cloud / local Infuse users oddly enough