unable to mount

I get this error: mount_smbfs: tree connect phase failed: syserr=cannot allocate memory. I am using HP Windows xp sp3 with two hard drives. The second hard drive has movies on it that I want to stream to my appletv. Any help is appreciate.

You may have an error in your share point settings. You can review the network streaming guide at the link below, or post your current settings here.

I have the exact same problem. I am using Windows XP Home Edition Sp3 on an HP laptop. I am sharing an external WD MyBook drive, connected through USB.
I believe I have the correct Share Point settings, at least according to the instructions available on the Wiki:

Mount Type: smb
Mount Address: [tried both alias and IP address] “dimis-pc” or “” (my pc’s ip address)
Requires Authentication: Yes
User Login: [tried with both workgroup and without] “MSHOME\ellen” or “ellen”
Password: [entered password] (checked and re-typed 5 times)
Volume Path: “Western” (this is exactly the Share name)
Auto Mount: Yes
Use custom path: No
Extra Arguments: none

The error message I have been getting is the following:

Network Mount Failed!
mount_smbfs:tree connect phase failed: syserr = Cannot allocate memory

I have almost the same problem!!!

I don’t know what else I can do, its look like an endless battle, I’m the looser.
Trying to mount from Vista and Win7, no lock. In the mean time both computers can browse and start movies from each other, but from AppleTV no luck!!!
All I get No mater what I try is mount_smbfs: tree connect phase failed: syserr = Permission denied.

How the hell permission can be denied when I’m using Guest Login!!!
Again both computers share files successfully.

and I have normal situation Mount type:smb, IP =, Volume Path=downloads.
in the network with windows address is like \\downloads

Also I can access form my computer AppleTV via SSH, SFTP, FTP.
Using Linksys WRT54GL

Everything is up to date.
Please give me an advice, for troubleshooting this.

Its look like no one has a solution.
First you buy AppleTV, no one tells you that u cant play Xvid, divx.

You should buy ATV Flash I’m buying it, but here no one tells you that you will not be able to mount windows share…
Whats that supposed to look like?
Take care

Who told you it could? Apple has never told you it would do Xvid or DivX!! It is nowhere in the specs for AppleTV on the Apple.com pages!

You have to hack it first to install CODECs.

Have you set up your windows share properly? Still not working? Have you turned off all firewalls temporarily? Still not working? Try setting up a guest share without password. Still not working? Are the 2 machines on the same subnet, and can they ping each other? If yes, check your settings again, or reboot the machine with the share to make sure the settings have “taken” (reboot not needed for Mac or linux, only needed in some cases for Windows).

Again, instructions are here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Network_Streaming

SMB shares works just fine in nitoTV, XBMC and Boxee for me and lots of other people…

As I said, share is working properly because of ability two computers to browse each other their share resources.

Without password, Yes I tried to restart for the share to take effekt and Yesi tried to un-share and re-share again. Every time i get the error mount_smbfs: tree connect phase failed: syserr = Permission denied.

Yes, all the devices are on same subnet
AP Isolation is OFF.
I can ping them all.

Thanks for your reply
Kind Regards,

Did you install anew from fresh with the 3 required files in your documents folder?

If not, it might be worth trying, you might be missing a file from one of those.


odinb, Thanks for your help,
Yes I did fresh install, no errors were reported.
With the latest patch.

Unfortunately none of these are related to my problem.

So, i decided if I cant mount my sources, why I can’t just put one of my Ext HDDs and watch,
none of them were detected, Why, Because I can’t mount NTFS ExHHDs, now this really pissed me off!!!

How you guys expect me to watch mkv without NTFS, and how the hell i can see MAC FS on windows machine?
And you expect a normal user to deal with that?

NO WAY, 60 bucks for nothing!!!

P.S. Forgive me for my rude language, I’ve lost time, money, nerves. Because I expected that you can show to Apple what is compatibility.
P.S.S If someone have a solution I’m still open to try!

Good luck!

Try formatting the external drive in HFS+, then you can put the mkv and DVD iso images on the drive.

Installing Macdrive on Windows will be the solution to read it on your Windows box, under Linux, you can just install support ofr HFS+. After this you can both read and write to the HFS+ drive from Windows and Linux.




Is your ‘Volume Path’ reflecting the share name of the external drive, or a folder stored on the drive?

For shares on the AppleTV you will want to use authentication. Set the authentication option to yes, and enter the username and password used to access your computer. This will allow the AppleTV to ‘log in’ to your computer and access your media.

I had exactly the same problem for weeks. I finally fixed it by reloading Windows XP (as a repair so you don’t lose your settings) from the original installation CD. I also noted that I could get the folders to mount by starting Windows in safe mode with network but I couldn’t find the process or processes that were causing the problem when starting Windows normally.
Hope this helps.