Unable to mount TimeCapsule

Hi, i`m running mad with my AppleTV.

For the last days suddenly when i try to mount my Time Capsule to my AppleTV i get the following error:
mount_SMBFS:tree connect Phase Failed. syserr=No such file or directory. As if the ATV is teasing me, i`m receiving the error twice in my screen.

I am sure i have the right folder name (directly under the root of my ATV):Media

What have i done thusfar:

  1. A update to the latest Apple TV (3.01 to 3.02)
  2. A ATV flash update
  3. Smartinstaller update
  4. manually removed the mount
  5. Switched name of Time Capsule to ip adress

Can anybody please help me with this, i`m running out of ideas!

You may want to double-check the entered Volume Path. This should match the internal drive name of the Time Capsule. Screenshot attached.