Unable to modify hosts file

I'm getting the following error using the latest version of Seas0nPass (downloaded today) for windows.

Seas0nPass is unable to modify hosts file. Firmware restore may fail. Please ensure no conflicting software is running and try again.

Ignoring the warning and moving forward I then get this error

Seas0nPass is unable to fetch signatures from the Cydia servers. Please check your internet connections and firewall settings.

At this point everything stops and goes back to the initial Seas0nPass screen.


I've disabled/unistalled my anti-virus to check that it was not the culprit. I've tried disabling Windows Defender as well. My computer is running windows 8.1, which may be part of the issue. I've also searched the forum and can't find any posts related to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

On the bright side I still have an un-teathered Jailbroken ATV2, but having to connect it to my computer to boot it is a hassle I'd like to be done with.