Unable to match series from TMDB

Would it work if I add it to TMDB?

Is there a minimum threshold of completeness before the entry on TMDB can be found in Infuse?

For testing, I found my niche foreign language documentary series on TMDB, with episodes listed, but I can’t find it even manually in Infuse. I then ported the entry to Trakt as well, but still can’t find it in Infuse.

You would need to make sure you follow their guidelines and the contributors bible. If you don’t it will be a waste of your time because they’ll remove it.

Usually this is due to a naming issue, what is the show on TMDB? Link? Maybe we can figure it out.

For example, this one happens to be on it.

Even manually searching for it doesn’t work.

Also, can’t find this manually in Infuse either, not even in English.

Would be nice if I can just enter the TMDB ID.

For TV shows you will want to include both the season and episode numbers in the filename.


我们走在大路上 S01 E01.mp4

A list of the recommended file naming styles can be found here.