Unable to Mark Entire Series Watched

For me I can only mark an entire series if it contains only one season. If it has more than one season the option for mark as watch isn’t available. Actually, when there is more than one season inside a series folder you get no options when you long press the series folder.

Shouldn’t we be able to long press the series folder and be able to mark the entire series as watched when it has multiple seasons?

This should be available in the Library, but won’t be available when browsing via regular folders.

That’s where I’m trying it at and in the Library > TV Shows > All TV Shows when the series has more than one season the long press on the series folder does not bring up any options. If you go into the same series folder and long press on a season folder it does bring up the options but that means having to do every season individually and that’s a bit time consuming. The idea of doing a series at a time is great.

That’s exactly the problem. Wish a solution could come :slight_smile:

And your’s works when there’s only one season in the series folder too? That is weird.

It seems here that when tere are no othedr real Folders in the serie main folder, it works. So if i have a folder let’s say SW and inside the files SW.S01E01.mkv to SW.S01E09.mkv and SW.S02.E01.mkv to SW.S02E09.mkv, i can mark them all as watched with a long click on the folder SW.
But: If i have my files in the folder SW organized in folders season1 and season2 with the files .S01 in folder season1 etc, i have to do the long click to each season(folder). A long click to SW has no effect in this case.

I sure hope there is a way Infuse can be fixed to do this without destroying the ability to maintain the organization of files. It wouldn’t be too bad with a few series but those with more than 5 or 6 episodes per season would be miserable to maintain.

@James , Any update on this as to being able to mark an entire series as watched when there are more than one season? Even in the library, it’s not allowing this when there are multiple season inside the series folder.

Wanted to add that this is happening on multiple ATV’s.

Hey James,

Just an update, this is still happening after the latest release. Still can not mark an entire series as watched or unwatched in the library view when there are multiple seasons.

Any Ideas?