Unable to log in to trakt


Lately I’m not able to login to trakt on my iPad mini 1 with Infuse 4.3.6.
No problems on my iPhone.

I already tried to reinstall the app, but no success on the login issue.

Can anyone help, please.


Can you try downloading the free version of Infuse 5.3 to see if this is an issue there?

Sorry for the late reply.
With that version no problems signing in to trakt…

Ok great - Infuse 5 is the recommended version to use anyways. :wink:

Yeah, but I don’t want to pay again for the new version. Untill a few days ago, it just worked.
Why doesn’t it work with the “old” version? I mean, on my iPhone everything works just fine.
Is this a problem with Infuse or with trakt? Can you fix it?

It’s hard to say, it could be related to changes in iOS 10.3, or changes at trakt.

Infuse 5 will always include support for the latest iOS/tvOS versions and 3rd party services like trakt, but unfortunately we’re not able to provide these updates in Infuse 4.