"Unable to locate matching subtitles" while trying to download subtitles

From some time I cannot get subtitles for any video (previously this option works fine, maybe it is stop working with some update?). When I choose “Get more…” on Subtitles tab I have always an error: “Unable to locate matching subtitles. Please reload metadata and try again”. But reloading metadata does not help at all. How can I fix it?

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 i have the same problem after updating to latest release. Do you have any suggestions what to check?




you just need to rename the movie, and type the original name of the movie, then reload metada data and will be able to get the subtitle

It’s August 2016, Apple TV and I get the same issue. What did I pay for? I hoped for subs fetching, but it just won’t work. What did I oay for buyinh this “Infuse Pro”???