Unable to jailbreak: error 3194 with iTunes

So I bought a second generation Apple TV 2 with 4.4.4. Somehow I managed to update it to 5.3 software. How do I get it back to 4.4.4 so I can jailbreak it? Or can I jailbreak it as it is? When I attempted to jailbreak it, error 3194 comes up with iTunes. Please help.
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can’t roll it back unless you saved the shsh blobs.


I got blobs  saved and get the same error

What version of season pass r u using and pc or mac?


I have the same Problem as you Sandeep, but I have another apple tv2 running 4.4.4 and using the program ‘Tiny Umbrella’ I am going to see if it is possible to save the 4.4.4 on it the try to roll the 5.3 back that way. I use a Mac book pro.

Same problem here, my version is 5.2.1 10B329a and getting this error message when the itunes tries to restore it ERROR 3194!

my ATV2 was jailbroken before but while ago I noticed that the red F sign dissapeared though I am still able using XBMC and everything else just like how it was when I JBed it

It is quite normal for that to happen when you install any apps.

Problem for me is I no longer have XBMC and my atv is no longer jailbroken

I have the XBMC but my ATV2 status is not JB anymore :frowning:

Did you ever wish you had left well enough alone, I had a great system running, and thought I could improve it…oh well, heres hoping FC can come up with a soloution…soon…lol.

Well lets hope we won’t have to wait long!!