Unable to install atv flash black with mac or pc

I am unable to install the atv flash application on any platform, On windows it fails while transferring files with “Oops it looks like your Apple TV is not accessible”. The dmg on my macbook just hard crashes before it gets to searching the network for the device. I know there are no network issues, I can also ssh into the unit without issue; furthermore, I have left the password at the default value of “alpine”. Is there any solution to resolve the installer problems or perhaps a method of pushing the install over scp and performing the installation manually?

I have resolved this, here is the procedure:

  1. Deploy seas0npass jailbreak.
  2. Boot apple tv gen 2 and assign to wifi.
  3. Sign into apple id through home sharing NOT from movies or settings.
  4. Enable airplay.
  5. Deploy atv flash using the windows installer as normal.

NOTE: If you have a PiHole ensure it’s disabled for this process as it can interfere with some of the web calls the apple tv needs to make during login.

This has so far resolved all issues except for activation, I haven’t been able to solve that so if any of you have a fix, please let me know.

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