Unable to find TV Show

So I decided to give Infuse a try after getting tired of Plex buffering forever on my Gbps LAN connected Apple TV4K. After a couple of hours of learning the ropes, color me impressed!

However I am unable to figure this one out.

I have a show ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ in my library, which Infuse just can’t seem to scrape. I have tried to search for it from the edit screen, but whichever scraping agent or source one is using, it can’t seem to find a match.

Now this is a popular show in the US, in its 3rd season and can be found easily on TheTvDB, both manually and via Plex. However Infuse can’t seem to find a match.

Can anyone help?

Infuse sometimes has issues dealing with dashes, apostrophes and the like in tv and movie titles for the purposes of metadata fetching. Suggest you replace with a space and see if this works for you.

I tried all variations - with and without, searching a word at a time… that show never shows up :confused:

Dashes do currently cause trouble in some cases in Infuse. In short, you don’t want to include dashes in filenames, but you do want to include them when searching.

This needs to get better, and is something we have on our radar to address.

For now, I was able to get the correct info by manually searching for ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’.

Thanks - manual search did it for me. :slight_smile: