Unable to find title on TheMovieDB - Joan of Arc (1999)

When searching metadata for the following film/miniseries, I’m unable to find this title. It was working previously, but I’ve just noticed that it is recently broken - shows image from file, but does show that Leelee Sobieski is in the cast (nothing else). File name is “Joan of Arc (1999).m4v”

Joan of Arc (TV Series 1999-1999) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

Thoughts to enable Infuse to find this specific title?
Using Infuse Pro v5.7.3



There was a recent change at themoviedb.com where they would only support a title once if it was a mini-series and also a movie. They did the same thing with Stephen Kings IT. It looks as though even though it’s called a movie it’s also listed as a 2 episode mini-series so you’d have to have the season and episode numbers for it to work now.

If you have the episodes you can name them “Joan of Arc.s01e01.m4v” and “Joan of Arc.s01e02.m4v” . I tested it and this will pull all of the correct metadata and pictures automatically (from thetvdb.com)

As a work around if you have only the single file you can try using “Joan of Arc.s01e01.m4v” and that will at least get you the right pictures and cast. But the “Joan of Arc.1999.m4v” will get you a different movie “The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc” with a different cast from themoviedb.com.

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Thanks for this explanation NC. Changed names on this side and it worked like a champ. Greatly appreciate you help. - Matt

Glad it’s working now for you!