Unable to find metadata via infuse but can via Safari

This has happened for a couple of TV series.
Infuse cannot locate metadata.
I go to manually adjust, typing in the series name, but it doesn’t show up.
Many alternatives do but not the series I actually have.
If I open Safari and do a search at the TMDB itself, the series comes up as the first listed.
So accessing TMDB directly I have no issue in finding the metadata.
But searching via the infuse interface it can’t be found.
The series in question being “The Diplomat US”

Could you show how you have the files named and maybe a link to the tmdb page for the series? There are two series called “The Diplomat”.

This is the link to the result page from TMDB
TMDB result

And this is what infuse shows me when I search for the same…

You will notice the first on the list is not wjat I want. If I scroll down the list the desired match is not there.

My episode name is that same format as I use on all me shows (over 100) so I can’t think that is an issue. In any case I am trying a manual match, not an auto lookup.

The file name is showing Season 0101 You’re missing the “E” :wink:

Try “The Diplomat S01E01 The Cinderella Thing.mkv”

Without the SxxExx format in the name it looks for a movie instead of a tv show.

You’ll still probably have to do an edit again but with the correct naming format it should give you the tv shows to choose from.

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Thank you.
That indeed solved the issue (my bad) but leaves me wondering.
Even though I messed up the file name why was I not able to find the correct listing when I manually searched?
Was it only looking at movie entries?

When the file name doesn’t have the TV series format with the SxxExx the API searched the movie database, with it the API knows to search the TV database.


Thanks. Good to know.


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