Unable to find metadata for Taboo (2017)

Hi Infuse

i added a 2017 TV show “Taboo” in Infuse Pro 5.5.2 recently but the metadata info cannot display correctly, therefore i tried to manual edit the metadata, two possible matches returned (attached screen capture) but there are no “Taboo(2017)” metadata.

as i know infuse download metadata from TheTVDb, i can found “Taboo(2017)” info in the website(attached with the website screen capture)

How can i get the correct metadata?


If you try searching for ‘Taboo 2017’ you should be able to get the correct results.

Hi James

You are the champion:) Thanks!


Oh, man, this had me frustrated for ages! Thanks for a simple solution - never new the “2017” would make SO much difference!!!

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