Unable to enter DFU mode

I just aquired an Apple TV 2, but it is updated to 5.21.  I’m trying to do the jailbreak, but it will not enter DFU mode.  I believe it is the cable as I have read that causes issues.


The first cable I used, nothing would happen when plugging it into the Computer.  I then went and purchased one from Radio shack, and now my cpu will say “failed to install” or soemthign similar when plugging the ATV into the computer.  iTunes does not recognize the apple tv plugged in either.


I think this is the reason it will not enter DFU mode.


So, what cable should I get?  Anyone know of one that is known to work?


well, you have to wait until season pass is update for 5.2.1 because currently you can’t jailbreak that version. in the mean time try using another port on your computer.

I thought you could jailbreak it tethered?


Regardless, I’ve tried different ports on 3 seperate computers, same issue on all.


the same problem I also had it
do not know why but for me it is important to usb cable
after several changes pc, laptop, cable, found one mini usb cable work as well

the solution: change mini usb cable

Figured as much, but I’d like to know what ones for sure work instead of buying and trying 5 of them.

I’ll tell you for me is very confusing…but is definite is the cable

I and used the same cable, about 50 or more times
and at any moment , stop working .

I have more cable …use another cable and nothing.
other more and work
all from the same production or same brand