Unable to edit TV show metadata

Hi, if Infuse doesn’t immediately detect that a folder is for a TV show, then unless I’m missing something, it seems to be impossible to mark it as a TV show and the “Edit metadata” button then only lets you select metadata for movies…

This happened to me with this folder / file name structure:

& the TMDB entry it should’ve matched to and that I can’t set it to: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/76757

Would it be possible to update the folder right-click menu to allow explicitly choosing metadata? or just have the metadata editor have a toggle to show results for movies or TV shows?

Seems like this has been an issue for a while for what it’s worth & I’ve also ran into this issue multiple times. I love Infuse and this is the only blemish for me in an otherwise completely perfect product so I hope it can be fixed soon.

In order for Infuse to recognize an item as a TV show, you will want to ensure you are using one of the recommended TV show naming styles. Files which are using other naming will be treated as movies, and cannot be matched to a TV show.

A list of the recommended naming styles can be found in this guide.

I appreciate that but are you disagreeing that it would make sense to support manual configuration here? With my current setup I don’t have great control over the file names.

It seems inconsistent that I can just override the metadata for a movie but can’t for a TV show? I would be totally happy to manually select the metadata for each episode individually if that’s how it would work.

If you had a movie that due to it’s naming format showed as a TV show you wouldn’t be able to search the movie database either.

I believe the metadata search is dependent on the APIs provided by the source and Infuse follows the naming convictions that allow for this.

I’d suggest you work on getting the file names in a recognized format. It may be some work but it’s about bullet proof when your done and keeps you from having to continuously go back and re edit the file names.

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