Unable to download subtitles

The other day for the first time I used the feature to download subtitles to a movie and it worked great. Now it doesn’t want to work anymore. I’ve tried it on several movies and every time I get an error message that says “An error occurred Unable to download subtitles. Please check your internet connection and try again.” The internet connection is working just fine in every other app so I know that isn’t the issue. I’ve tried restarting the apple tv and restarting the app and for some reason the feature doesn’t work any longer. Any suggestions?

I’m having exactly the same problem. Any ideas about how to fix this?


I have the same problem, it happened on the Apple TV and iPhone!

I have the same issue in Apple TV 4.

Having the same problem

I have the same issue. Came outta nowhere. Any fix for this?

It also happens to me. But if you try several times, it finally works. Anyway, some improvement can be done here so the own Infuse retries instead giving error

Hmm, alright. Will give it a try. Found another thread about this and apparently it’s OpenSubtitles having to update their servers or something. Anyway, it seems it’s out of Infuse’s hands.

Same problem here. Sometimes it works, but most times not. It really sucks!

Hm. The Open-Subtitles Website is down as well. it says:

“Site will be online soon. We are doing some necessary backups and upgrades. Thanks for understanding.”

Same, and they are not working even in VLC app. So I think that the fault is the script or maybe Opensubtitle.

It works in the VLC app if you add login credentials for opensubtitles.
Opensubtitles disabled the anonymous downloads.
@james is there any plan to add login support to opensubtitles soon?

If it is true that Opensubtitles.org disabled anonymous downloads and the only way to get subs are to log in, then the current functionality in Infuse must be considered broken and it affects everyone. Since this is a key feature which Firecore advertises with I expect the highest priority on building a 5.2.x with a ‘fix’ allowing us to submit our credentials for Opensubtitles.org.

This should not be a matter of months or even weeks. This is something that should be fixed in a matter of days (internally). Then delivered to Apple for them to release.

It looks like OpenSubtitles has been experiencing some downtime over the past week.

You can keep an eye on the current status here. http://stats.fireco.re

Please try again soon.

Since Infuse depends on Opensubtitles and they are incorporated in the service operation overview, and the fact that it’s down for practically everyone over the last few days it would be great to get a official statement from them about current issues and expected resolve time. Perhaps firecore can reach out and them what is going on?

To whom it may concern (e.g. James, if you are realy STAFF):
Opensubtitles isn’t down - they cancelled the anonymous login.
You have to implement a login into infuse 5.
Quick would be nice.
And a word about when this will happen would be even nicer.

Looks like a username and password isn’t required, but you get redirected to an ads-page etc. where the download will start after a few seconds. I guess the Infuse app can’t handle that. After registering and logging in the redirect doesn’t occur.
So, either the engineers @ firecore should create a username password option in the infuse config, or find a stable way around the ad’s. If it doesn’t get fixed, I won’t upgrade to version 5 (Infuse 4 was working just fine for me), and I’ll be switching to an alternative app.
So I’ll be keeping an eye on the forum in regards to the fix.

Like I’ve stated earlier. There’s a need for an official response from Opensubtitles obtained from Firecore since they are partners.

Then, there’s a really really huge need for an extremely quick fix as this is an extremely important feature.

I don’t believe that is the case.

Attached is a screenshot taken from the current version of Infuse just moments ago.

It wasn’t working at all during the last three or four days, tried at several moments on Apple TV.

Just read James last comment. Tried it right away on iPhone and all of a sudden it works right now here as well. Cannot test Apple TV right now.