Unable to download Infuse 6.1.6

Hi, is there any reason why I should not be able to update Infuse on my ATV to 6.1.6? It hasn’t been pulled or something?

Not showing up as an option to upgrade here.

It hasn’t been released yet. The iOS version has but that’s because iOS 13 has been released. Apple is holding back on tvOS 13 till the 24th or 30th so that’s probably when Infuse 6.1.6 for ATV will be released.

You can check the releases here for tvOS Infuse Release Notes | Firecore

Aha! That makes sense. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to get an early release?

Cause im running TVOS 13 beta and would love to have an optimized Infuse player before the official release.

I doubt it since developers are just now getting the GM beta release of tvOS13 so they’ll need a bare minimum of a few days to cover all the bases. Heck it’s only a few days away for the full release. There’s going to be lots of new things in the future past the release of OS 13, so best let as many of the bugs as possible get squashed before investing time in something that could change in the next week.

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