Unable to deselect Hardware Acceleration within Flash console of Firefox


I am running aTV Flash 4.2.1 for Gen 1 Apple TV 160GB. I have Firefox 
( and Flash ( running properly as well.

I have been working like crazy to get Hulu to work well inside Firefox. In 
the default mode all is running well, Firefox, Flash, Mouse, etc. Hulu plays 
decently but the stuttering is a bit of a pain.

I have made great strides to make it run better. These include: 1) 
Maximizing Buffer/Cache for Flash within Firefox for *.hulu.com sources, 2) 
Using a Hulu Widget to get a nearly perfectly Video size via the ATV at 480p, 
3) Using a GreaseMonkey enabled Javascript to force Flash to playback videos 
at Low Quality (this made things MUCH better).

I am stuck on the last superficial change I can make before I attack the OS 
swap and kernel parameters: Disabling Hardware Acceleration (HA) for Flash. 
Based upon my readings HA makes Flash videos play terribly on lower end 
machines, ie non-dual core, which the ATV definitely is. The problem seems 
to actually be with the mouse support within Firefox. Everytime I bring up 
the Display settings via a Right Click, I cannot uncheck "Enable hardware 
acceleration". Surprisingly clicking it 500 times still does not make it 
uncheck (humor). I have tried Air Mouse, VNC, all end the same.

Can someone else visit: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about
do the right click and try to deselect hardware acceleration. I need to know 
if I am doing something wrong.

I ran a test with another page containing a Flash checkbox ( 
) and it allowed me to check/uncheck.

I also ran a test on a Mac OS X 10.4.10 VMware Image. While I could not use 
Firefox I did get the Flash control inside Safari updated to 
And low and behold, I was unable to deselect Hardware Accleration.

I read that Firefox 4 Beta actually allows control of this Flash setting on a 
Firefox menu option. I am not even sure I can run Firefox 4 in the ATV. Is 
that a reasonable option instead?

Any help will be greatly appreciated