Unable to delete local files

new issue. FILE MANAGEMENT no longer allows video deletion vis MAC -Infuse.
Must be a New BUG. please investigate.

This seems to be working here. Can you describe what you are seeing?

If these files are stored locally on your Mac, they will be moved to the trash instead of being deleted straight away.

there is no Delete button as per your screenshot. This has disappeared.

it was there before the update.

files are local with local meta data.

issue resolved after re adding all folders

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Hello James,

The issue has come back.
It is not only issue for external drives, but also for folders on my actual Mac M1’s built in SSD. I tested it.

For external drives if i restart my MAC or eject and mount drives then the DELETE button disappears.
i have to manually add every folder again in order for DELETE button to appear again in Infuse.

Even for Mac M1 built in SSD the delet button disappears if i restart my Mac.

what is the solution?
i need to be able to eject my drives and restart my Computer obviously from time to time.

Thanks for the additional info.

I was able to replicate this here and we’ll be looking into this.

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Any update James. ?

This has been resolved in today’s 7.5.8 update.

The issue has actually been present for some time, and is related to Apple’s sandbox.

After installing 7.5.8, the delete option will remain for any NEW shares. If you have existing shares you may need to remove and re-add these in order to ensure they use the new file handling.

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