Unable to delete a title from the Infuse movie collection

Hi FireCore team,

I’m unable to delete a title from the Infuse movie collection. This title was originally located on my NAS where I deleted it initially. I assumed that Infuse would pickup the missing directory and remove the involved title from the collection automatically but appearantly not. When I tried to delete the title manually, Infuse reports “An error occurred”.

Any idea how to delete this title?

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you connecting via UPnP or DLNA by chance?

If using either of these, there may be a short delay before an updated file list is made available to Infuse. However, Infuse will remove deleted items once it sees that they are gone during the next scan. Scans are triggered automatically when opening the app, but you can also trigger a scan manually through the Infuse > Settings > Library menu.

Hi James, I’m using SMB to connect to my NAS. The title was deleted some time ago and I’ve checked that the library has updated regularly since. Looks like the title is stuck in the library.

I’m just curious, what happens when you try to play it?

I had a similar issue once and come to find out I had a copy of a movie in two places. Deleted one and it still showed. Finally found the second copy in a different directory that I had forgotten.