Unable to connecte to Airport Time Capsule

Hi everybody,

I’ve read dozens of topics like this one and I’ve tried all the solutions that eventually came up but nothing has worked so far…

Here is my situation : I’ve been a user of Infuse for the past 10 years. I know how it works. I had some trouble before but at the end everything worked fine.

Two days ago, it seemed that Infuse didn’t want to connect to my Airport Time Capsule anymore.

I can still connect it to my computer but not to the Airport Time Capsule. I have an Apple TV 4 (connected with wifi to the airport time capsule), Infuse 7 and a Airport Time Capsule with a hard drive in it.

The Airportime Capsule shows up in the available shares list but when I type in “admin” as user and my disk password (I’ve tried with a device password and a disk password and a user/password account), none of the above worked.

It says “an error occurred. Sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect.”

It is very frustrating because I have run out of possibilities to try. I have over 800 movies stored on the HDD of the Airport Time Capsule and everything worked fine with my library and such.

Has anyone else got an idea ? I’m counting on you guys since I don’t know what to do anymore.

Thank you very much for your help

Can you connect your computer with wifi to the ATC and see (and copy) the movies?

You may also try adjusting the SMB version in the share’s settings to see if this helps.

I would try switching to Legacy.