Unable to connect to SMB share any more.

I’ve really enjoyed Infuse until it recently stopped working.
It was working great and suddenly it’s unable to connect to SMB shared it was previously able to connect to.
I’ve created a new user even and confirmed permissions are correct and can connect with other devices and even other applications on the AppleTV (VLC) but not in the Infuse app!
I was able to connect through an FTP share just fine but this is not ideal…

Running latest tvOS 10 beta might be part of the problem…

Have any of your network settings changed recently? Have you tried removing and re-adding the share?

Same network configuration as before.
I have removed share and tried adding back but it doesn’t get past the connecting bit.
I even delete the app and reinstalled and the issue persists.

I’m having the same issue. Also running TvOS 10 beta