Unable to connect to OpenSubtitles

I am getting this on macOS. I don’t know the exact error. Internet is working fine.



Can you connect via web browser to their web site?

Yes, I can.

Do you have any other devices with Infuse on them you could try? I had this occur a while back and a restart of the device seemed to remedy it. After the restart of the ATV it would again fetch subs so maybe a restart of the Mac would help?

Just a thought.

It appears that currently Opensubtitles is operational on the status page.

Also, are you by any chance going through a VPN?

Or are you using something like Little Snitch?

There are many network related errors in your logs when Infuse tries to connect to certain services.

No, I’m not using anything.

And I gave you the diagnostics code V2QKV

The error messages are not neither descriptive nor actionable. That’s bad coding practice.