Unable to Connect to MacBook Pro Server

HI I’m Currently running Infuse 7.4.9 and I keep getting the “Sorry, Infuse encountered an Error while trying to connect” message when I try to connect to my MacBook Pro Server to my AppleTV

Has anyone got any troubleshooting suggestions or has encountered this?

Welcome to the forum!

Sorry you’re having problems, have you had a chance to read through the users guide? It has Mac specific instructions and trouble shooting tips that may help.

There are a few other things you can check which can help with SMB connections on Mac.

  1. SMB is enabled on your Mac (more info here Set up file sharing on Mac - Apple Support)
  2. At least one user is selected under ‘Windows File Sharing’ (as shown under ‘Advanced Options’ in the link above)
  3. The folders/drives you wish to share are added to the list of Shared Folders
  4. Selected username and password are being entered in Infuse

If you’ve recently installed an update for macOS, you may need to disable and then re-enable File Sharing to get it working again. You can also try one of the tips found here. Catalina Connection Issues

Note: iCloud username/password cannot be used. If you’re using an iCloud ID to log in to your Mac, you will need to set up a new ‘Sharing Only’ user as described here: Change Users & Groups settings on Mac - Apple Support