Unable to connect FreeNAS SMB server as share

When I first bought the ATV4 I was super excited and quickly found Infuse to stream my large media library to my projector.
It worked great at first but had problems showing empty share folders then eventually it would just stop connecting to my file server.
I can connect and access the files on my MacBook Pro just fine but the ATV4 won’t.
The file server shows up with service discovery but doesn’t allow me to connect… So trying direct IP instead of hostname and issue persists.

FileServer is running FreeNAS-9.10.2-U3
I have it setup to allow all SMB protocols.

Can anyone help!? It’s been doing this for over 9 months and I figured an update or something would resolve the issue but no luck!

If you have a chance to send in a report from your device we can take a look at what’s going on under the hood.

The application I paid for is Infuse 4 Pro installed V4.3.6 and there is no option to submit diagnostic…
I am now concerned I paid for a Pro version of Infuse but come to find out there is a newer version that I would have to buy again?!

Is this version I paid for not supported?

I am encountering this as well on a freshly setup Freenas 11.0 U3 setup. All my macOS devices with sierra have no issues mounting and writing to share.
I have restricted the share to use SMB v2 and up as SMB 1 is now deprecated. Thought I would post here as this issue does not seem to be reported as resolved.
Have also sent email with diagnostics.

i have been running FreeNAS with my Apple TV 2 and 4 since FreeNAS 9.3… i am currently on FreeNAS-9.10.2-U6 (561f0d7a1) and all works well. I had no issue what so ever with my Apple TV 2s, but i did have to hammer my NAS with my infuse discovery on my Apple TV 4. at one point i had to crash infuse… go back in and then discover my NAS again… it did work after that. let me get some screen shots of my SMB setting and i will post them here for reference.

ok… here you go… the file names are named for how you drill down into the setting on the left hand pane… example… sharing_windows_smb_shares_1.jpg

click the plus on sharing… go down to Windows (SMB) Shares for the settings window.

Please that there are some permission settings that look somewhat odd… although the recommended file mask setting is 0666, i needed to set it to 0660.it corrected some issues for me and does not impact my ability to use FreeNAS from other boxes.

oh… stop and restart your SMB service once you make your desired changes.

No support was provided and developer didn’t seem to care or respond.
I ended up giving up and went the PLEX route…
Plex on the other hand is great! Plenty of support available from community.

Good luck!

sorry i was too late to provide this information.

After a few busy months, I had some time to look into this a little more. It appears if I drop the SMB minimum protocol back to ---- option in freenas, infuse will add the SMB share no worries.
When I reapply the restriction to use at minimum SMB2, infuse is no longer happy to play the game.

I seen in another post that they are working some sort of upgrade to the SMB protocol, and decided that I would report back my findings thus far.

I did get a email from support but deleting and re-adding the share, did not resolve the issue.

Thank you to MightyMouse for your screen shots and input.

Unfortunately the end result is the same and joining the SMB share using only SMB 2 or higher is a no go at this time for me.

Maybe MightyMouse could test these setting (if you see this post) and report back your findings?

Thanks for follow-up. There are in fact a few similar cases with SMB2 we are looking into.

We are also working on an all-new, modern SMB implementation that will add support for SMB3. We’re very excited about this new implementation as it should allow for improved reliability and performance when using SMB.

with adding SMB3 support, we might as well wait for it, but if we are talking 6 -12 months in the future… i can do some of those tests.

We have started beta testing 5.6.9 with our all-new SMB implementation.

Anyone who is interested in trying this build early please let me know and we’ll get you added to the beta.

Hi James,
I would be interested in giving the beta product a go. Will do my best to test connectity between tvos ios macos and now i have a winblows machine with win10 i should be able to cover a very common use case of SMB aharing from freenas.

Thank for getting back to this issue.

FreeNas supports NFS… Use NFS is the easy answer.