Unable to completely disable 'Library View'

Settings, Library, “Show Library” is unchecked, all Favourites below are unchecked too, at the left side, Movies: 0, TV: 0, Others: 0.

But once you start playing any movie, all movies in the same Favourite are added into Library watching list, in Settings/Library, left side shows Movies: xxx, TV: xxx… at right side, that favourite is NOT checked.

After a while, it starts scanning!

Have to check and uncheck that favourite to clear watching list. But once you start playing a movie, it prepares scanning again.

This looks like a serious bug that keeps Infuse busy with scanning NAS.

Please fix this.

Infuse will auto-cache new media from your folders whenever it’s open. This is done by design so you have artwork and metadata ready and waiting for whenever you browse through your folders.

This feature was actually added in 4.1, though 4.2 adds the Library screen which shows various stats for what has been indexed.

But that is the purpose of selecting/un-selecting favorites under Library setting? I didn’t select any favorite, but once I ‘show library’, all movies appear in library, while it is supposed to be empty?

Library View is simply a set of filters that will group content from your selected Favorites together by type.
De-selecting a Favorite from the Library menu will hide it from the various Library filters (good for things like home videos, or other content that may not get categorized correctly).

Even when not using the Library, Infuse will still need to have a cache for movie and TV show metadata and artwork it finds, so this is what you are seeing in the Library menu.

that’s not what i saw, the entire NAS has few main folders, each folder is a favourite.

i de-selected all favourites from Library setting, i was expecting Library is empty.
when I entered Library, it still displays all the contents which are under favourites.

Right. Since Infuse only maintains one index, it will count videos contained in these Favorites.

Deselecting Favorites from the Library menu will prevent them from being browsable through the Library or Smart Filters, but Infuse will still cache info for the videos it sees.

James, I think you misunderstood, what I meant is, if I de-select all favorites from Library, I am still able to browse all of my movies from library, they are not hidden.