Unable to complete ATV2 Jailbreak

All Instructions on installing ATV2 state NOT to connect to power until after you’ve completed the Jailbreak, stating that the unit will show the power light on. The power light on my unit will not illuminate ever UNLESS it’s plugged in to the power outlet. Any suggestions on how to complete the Jailbreak differently? Have attempted with the power cable in, does not work. Have attempted with power cable off even thought there is no light on to see flashing, also no dice. At my wits end as to how to complete the Jailbreak succesfully. Have followed all the instructions to the letter each time. Also have purchased two different micrho USB cords to see if it was a faulty cord…nothing. What am I missing?. HELP! Thanks to all.


Sometimes what I do is plug the power in for a few seconds then remove it to get the light to stay on for jailbreaking

This may seem like a dumb question, but here goes. How can one verify that the ATV2 is actually jailbroken? Is the FC logo always supposed to appear where the settings tab would normally appear or is it only when you first successfully Jailbreak the unit? My screen shot shows the “settings” tab and not the FC logo. As often as I have attempted to Jailbreak the ATV2 it must be jailbroken. Any comments?