Unable to BULK Delete movies under the "LINK" section in infuse app

There is a way of adding video/movies via “LINK” option in infuse. I have a big collection of movies via LINK.

Now the issue is, i have a collection of 300 movies via this “LINK” option and I have watched them all and I want to delete all the movies under “LINK” option from my infuse library but there is no option to do that same . (check the screenshot)

there is just one option to delete them and that is to select each and every file at once and go to their option and delete that way, which would take hours to delete those files.

Is there a way to bulk delete these movies link at one go? if not then can you please introduce the same in infuse future updates. thankyou.

this my Infuse LINK Library

How can I bulk delete them all in the LINK section ?

You can use the Select option found under the 3 dots menu in the top right to select multiple items and delete them all at once.

i agree. i also have the big movie library.
Can you please include “SELECT ALL” option instead of manually selecting all the movies and then delete them?

just one “SELECT ALL” option would suffice.

would it be possible to include this option in future updates of infuse?