Unable to boot tether

Hi guys, I recently bought a atv2 tethered 5.2.1 however I am having great difficulty in booting it, I open seasonpass but the “boot tether” is not highlighted preventing me from opening it and the IPSW is able to open when I right click it there are numerous program’s and I’m unsure of which one i require!! Thanks to anyone who can put me out if my misery =(


Whoever sold it to you should have told you what to do… shame on them.


  1. You’ll need the seasonpass found on this page: http://support.firecore.com/entries/387605

  2. start seasonpass and right click “create ipsw” and choose 5.2.1

  3. let it download the firmware

  4. When/if itunes opens up to restore the software stop it and exit itunes

  5. Now you should have the seasonpass “boot tether” option

That’s great carpenter940 I shall give that an attempt in the morning! I must add… When it comes to computers/software/firmware I’m about as useful as a house brick

No joy, well I don’t think so anyway, I followed the instructions, open SP select 5.2.1 wait for it to download(but I don’t think it did) but the strange thing is it took me through the steps that I would need to do for the tether boot, asked me did I want to keep the files for later reference (I said yes) then the press and hold of the menu and play button for 7 secs, tells me it’s installing stuff then says unable to keep files for further reference then goes back to the start up bit for SP but the boot tethered option still isn’t highlighted!! Grrrrrrr! Please excuse my stupidity if I have done it correctly and not know but I really don’t think I have.

I went back into the SP and have seen a new firmware signature 5.3, if that’s any clearer to you guys, because it ain’t to me

Are you using MAC or PC? try this if using mac,

You need to make sure you right click on create IPSW (CTRL and click on mac) and select your current firmware (5.2.1)

Follow the instructions until the IPSW is created, you can stop anytime after that.

restart seasonpass and you can disconnect your apple tv usb cable.

Open finder, hold ALT and click on “Go” from the top menu. Choose Library and then the Application Support folder, go to Seas0nPass folder and then Firmware folder , check that you have file in there called AppleTV2,1_5.3_10B809_SP_Restore.ipsw

You can delete any other IPSW which have been created (5.3 for example)

If you do then great.

Simply click on boot tethered and follow the instructions.

Not using mac, using my laptop through windows

Having another go at it now, but now when I select the 5.2.1 it’s saying that this Apple TV is not eligible for this version??? Is it possible that it may need jailbroke again?

Since 5.2.1 is a tethered jailbreak, why not go to 5.3 as the tethered jailbreak for that is now available.

5.4 is coming down the track (beta release already given to developers) and since that is based on iOS7 it may be a while before a jailbreak appears. You may therefore think it is worth going to 5.3 now.

SUCCESS… Ooooooooooooosh =) Lost quite a bit of patience with it so just restored factory settings then jailbroke it again then the tethered boot highlighted and AT LAST hurrrrrrrrah! Even installed XBMC all by myself!!haha! But my only question is this… Is it ok to disconnect the hdmi cable without losing anything?? May seem a silly 1 but after the last couple of days don’t wana risk it =)

It’s fine to remove the HDMI, however slight chance of your TV not syncing with the picture though. (my PS3 has these issues)

Now your OS has the jailbreak installed, the tether boot should be painless enough or you in the worst case.

I have to move my Apple TV downstairs soon so i will soon find out!

Pictures ok on TV so jobs a good’n =) thanks to all who helped me out, mucho grassy ass =)