Unable to assign shared libraries

Hello. Long time Infuse user on ATV 4k.

I have Infuse logged into my local plex server, I have libraries that are shared to me within plex by friends with plex accounts, when you are in plex web or apps I can see their libraries just like my own, but I cannot find where to add their libraries to my Infuse home screen for viewing.

Thank You everyone.

Welcome to the forum!

You have a few options for this.

By default, Infuse will include these libraries when indexing your files, and will display them as part of the normal Library section (Movies, TV Shows, Other).

If you’d like to have dedicated links for these libraries on the home screen, you can add a favorite for one or more of them. To do this, simply locate the library in Settings > Shares > Plex server name, long-press on it, and select the ‘Add to Favorites’ option.

Plex-servers that are shared with me by other plex users do not show up here, the only plex-server in the list is my own. I can try to look again when I get home but I’ve tried a few times already and not found any way to see remote shared libraries.

OK, figured it out. You have to go to shares, re-connect to plex, even if you already have, AND THEN it will show you other servers that have been shared to you by other people to add to the library.

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