Unable to add new media via Fugu.

Hello, first off I want to say I love this software. I’ve been able to rip my dvd collections and put them on my appletv in a much smaller format than were I to buy them a second time (and in some case, can’t even purchase!)

In any case, I’m running into a problem where if I try to upload anything to my Movies folder, the status bar zips through to complete and closes immediately, but nothing has made its way over to the appletv. I’ve tried rebooting and restarting, tried different files, verified that I have ample hard drive space (almost 120 gigs left!), but thus far can’t seem to get anything to upload. I can easily upload a file to folders outside of the Movie folder, but that does me no good as I have no access to them, as well I cannot simply move files to and from locations in Fugu. Am I doing something wrong that I once did right? I’m not connecting any differently, and I have no hidden files in the Movies folder, if that helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Never mind, I found my answer, but happened to be looking using the wrong keywords. I had brackets in the file names!

losing the worked for me too until.

At a certain point it just stopped - and I get the prompt
“Couldn’t get handle: Failure”